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Q: How should I dress?

A: Casual.. " As to matters of dress,
I would recommend one never to be first in the fashion nor the last out of it." John Wesley

Q: What is the worship music like?

A: Worship Music is contemporary, but not a loud rock concert. Smoke and strobe lights will not impress a God who is a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Sample1. Sample2.

Q: What does the "free" mean in Free Methodist?

A: The Free Methodist Church was organized at Pekin, New York, in 1860. The founders had been members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The word "Free" was suggested and adopted because the new church was to be an anti-slavery church (slavery was an issue in those days), because pews in the churches were to be free to all rather than sold or rented (as was common), and because the new church hoped for the freedom of the Holy Spirit in the services rather than a stifling formality.

Q: Why should I go to church?

A: The same reason you would go to any other meeting. You would go to a meeting because you share a similar interest or want to learn more about the subject.    Mouseover.

Q: Are Methodists liberal?

A: It is impossible to say that all people beliefs in a particular group are exact. Do all people at the car show like the same car? However The Free Methodist Church is usually considered conservative.

Q: Why are there so many different churches?

A: A short answer would be, The same reason there are so many different Cars, Stores, Banks, Cities, Countries i.e. Location, Language, Convenience, Personal Preference.

Q: What must I do to be saved?

A: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved! More info.